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Maczayn Global

Maczayn Global Education & Migration Consultants is an Australian based education and migration consulting agency with global offices in Australia, UK, and Pakistan. Since our inception in 2016, we have built this institution as a one-stop solution for all student services from selecting the right institution to settling into student life.
Maczayn Global aim to help students to have realistic and bigger dreams, and we work with the students to help them get closer to their dreams. Our team helps students understand their area of interest and find the best-fit institution for students to pursue their higher studies. We want our students to be equipped with the right information and make informed choices. We believe trust and integrity are our core values and we work continuously to adhere to these values.

3 ReasonsWhy Us


A perfect approach is used to provide exceptional services to students at affordable prices, the best advice to ensure education in foreign institutes, and international life experience.


We confidently believe in customer service to the students to make sure desire and success in their lives for achieving their learning goals. Our main objectives to provide exceptional needs and interest to students and employing them in an appropriate Organization.


A New Pulse of Dream.
Our specialized services with expert counseling done by our fully trained Immigration consultants make us outstanding among others.

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